Lost Liverpool Landmarks.

The lost treasures of Liverpool…



  • Alex Sinclair says:

    The Goree Piazzas were not on Strand Street. Strand Street runs from James Street to Canning Place. The road in front of the Piazzas was ‘Goree’ (and still has that name now). The road behind was once the ‘Back Goree’, and is now The Strand.

  • Steven Cleary says:

    some great photo’s here, but I thought I’d offer some info’, re-identification to a couple!

    1) Though the customs house was burnt out by incendiary fire, in WW2, the basic structure remained standing, till demolition, in 1948.

    2)The “Queen’s” theatre was in Paradise st. and did not become the “Shakespeare” theatre, which was in Frazer st. off London rd. till burning down in 1975. (no’82)

    3) The building in Cornwallis st. was the public swimming baths.(no’192)

    4) The building in Coopers row, was off Paradise st. (no’100)

    5) The large, corner building in Hardman st. was the former blind school, commemorated by a wall plaque, which is still there. (no’167)

    6) The tall pillars, that originally stood in front of St. George’s hall, were used to create the main gates of Sefton park,in Aigburth rd.

  • Anon says:

    Amazing work, what an excellent resource to see what our city used to look like, and to see what the future holds!

    Keep it up 🙂

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