London Road To Gain New Residents.

London Road is set to gain some new residents as the demolition of an unused department store building has been approved.

The street has been tired for decades, primarily because the area’s residential population was decimated by the wholesale destruction of the Islington community for the city’s road network.

In addition to this, the retail core of the city has shifted away from this once-busy destination, compounding the already down-at-heel location.

London Road’s Odeon cinema closure was a prime example of this shift.

Adding new residents to the area will positively shape it’s future, which will need to cater for locally-bought provisions.

London Road and Islington as a whole is now seen as an important base for hospital workers and people working within the city’s Knowledge Quarter.

The Knowledge Quarter – a concentration of science and tech research, is undergoing a new multi-billion pound expansion with Paddington Village. It is centered on the new Liverpool Royal University Hospital and campuses of Liverpool and John Moores Universities.




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3rd April 2019 by Chris Gibson
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