Mann Island Gains New Public Space.

A city centre for people

An intersection which formerly allowed traffic from The Strand to enter the Pier Head area is being handed over to be used by pedestrians.

The closing of this gap is part of the wider rethinking of Liverpool’s city centre road network, called the ‘city centre connectivity scheme’.

The scheme will intelligently optimise traffic flow, allowing more areas to be freed up for public use. This will reconnect the city by creating criss-crossing highways for pedestrians.

Victoria Street has already been transformed in the city centre. The Strand and the area in front of St. George’s hall are now being transformed, with more areas to follow.

Vast amounts of new trees are being planted in the zones, and new cycle ways are being integrated to provide wide-reaching low-carbon travel.

The new Mann Island public space is of a significant size and will play host to city events and house works of sculpture and other art. A piece for the Liverpool Biennial is already at home here. It is by Betty Woodman and is simply titled ‘Liverpool Fountain‘.



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22nd January 2021 by Chris Gibson
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