The Stanley Docks Complex.

The Stanley Docks are a forgotten jewel located in the northern docklands area of the city.

Comprised of four main buildings, (the southern warehouse, northern warehouse, rum warehouse and tobacco warehouse), they form a complex that possibly houses the greatest potential of all of Liverpool’s derelict historic buildings.

Indeed there are comparisons that could be made with another of the city’s renovated treasures; the Albert Dock which opened in 1988 and includes shops, bars, restaurants and a national gallery. The implementation of construction at Stanley Docks will lend a far bigger impact though  – it has the potential to unlock development throughout the rest of the abandoned northern waterfront, of which there are 60 hectares.

The southern and northern dock warehouses were built in 1848, with the larger tobacco warehouse being constructed in 1901 on land claimed back from the dock waters. The tobacco warehouse is still the largest brick-built warehouse in the world.

The northern warehouse was transformed into the Titanic hotel in 2013, which restored and retained many original features. A restaurant and bar are housed on ground level, whilst a pontoon and boat moorings have being installed outside the venue. There has been the addition of a new conference facility, which has been built at the side of the northern warehouse building.

Work is progressing on stripping out the southern warehouse, which began in 2014. The tobacco warehouse renovation began in 2015, however there have been gaps in work on both southern and tobacco warehouses due to financial issues.

We’re looking forward to seeing more progress here, and we’ll update you when we have news. In the meantime get a little bit more acquainted with the Titanic hotel…

Please note: some of the following photographs are from our archive and are by SCC forum members. We will name all those who make us aware of their contribution.


STATUS: Northern warehouse complete. Southern warehouse approved. Tobacco warehouse approved.



  • Martin says:

    Can’t understand why a station hasn’t been added to the northern line on the Merseyrail.
    It goes right past it and even has empty land adjacent to the line.
    And there is a significant gap between Moorfields & Sandhills Stations.
    If Liverpool, Merseytravel, Government, & the develepers all chiped in.

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20th October 2015 by Chris Gibson
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