Infinity: £250m Triple Towers.

Elliot Group Continue Liverpool’s Regeneration

A new £250m apartment complex comprising of triple towers each with heights of 39, 33 and 27-storeys have been unveiled by Elliot Group.

Situated on the junction of Pall Mall and Leeds Street in the city centre’s business district, it will when complete be the single-biggest private housing project in the city centre.

Elliot Lawless, who is CEO of the property developer Eliot Group said about the scheme: “We wanted to create a statement of confidence for people entering the city. If our proposals are approved then they will go a long way to helping Leeds Street fulfil its potential as a dramatic gateway along the northern edge of the city centre.”

This development will extend the reach of the city’s work/live district, whist simultaneously putting a pin in the map for yet more investment to follow. Large parcels of land sit on the border of the commercial district with relatively low-rise buildings housing commercial car dealerships and small-scale engineering works. Brownfield areas formerly taken up by the approach of tracks to Exchange railway station are also ripe for redevelopment. This approach is for now an extensive network of street-level parking.

The physical alterations undertaken with the design elements have seen a shift upwards from previous designs to 39-storeys at the closest tower to the city centre, with the other two towers stepping down after another at 33 and 27-storeys each. All three towers were originally marked at a 34-storey height. The buildings will be wrapped in a material which mimics the changing colours of the river Mersey, creating a dynamic vista that sits in harmony with it’s surroundings.



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3rd July 2016 by Chris Gibson
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