Future Liverpool launches Formula E Bid Plea.

My name is Chris Gibson; and I’m the founder of Future Liverpool. The following is about my ambition for the city of Liverpool to hold a stage of the FIA Formula E electric car racing championship.

I present to you an open letter to our leaders and officials:

Dear leaders of Liverpool,

In the past Liverpool has hosted spectacular events that have drawn the attention of millions of people around the globe, including La Machine (a giant mechanical spider which invaded in 2008), and the Giant spectaculars of 2012 and 2014, (giant marionettes walking through the exploring city streets). All three instances generated exceptionally positive media attention and a major increase in income for local businesses.

Whilst that was the case, the last giant spectacular brought about a feeling that this formula is perhaps now wearing a bit thin. As with the success of the Super Lamb banana tour in 2008, all other tours following it trying to replicate the first’s success has felt a little hollow – its been done. We need something new.

It was conceived in 2012, but by 13 September 2014 the FIA Formula E all-electric single-seater racing championship was born. Debuting in Beijing, the 2014-2015 inaugural season was set to electrify 10 iconic cities from around the world. Racing on spectacular street circuits, the world at large could now witness in full effect the majesty, power and sheer sexiness that is the modern electric car.

Alejandro Agag, the president of Formula E has set out his mission statement: he wants to accelerate the uptake of electric cars by the mass market, whilst simultaneously providing the conditions for manufacturers to test new technologies in the field.

Ten teams compete with two drivers each, and Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio is amongst the many that are financing this new dramatic sports arena. What is more, ex-Formula 1 drivers are flocking to the unique challenge that Formula E holds. They could even be in with a video game-style power boost if fans vote enough to give them one during the day’s racing action. It is the most modern of sports, designed for the interactive generation.

Now consider that Liverpool is a coastal city. As a coastal city we are at significant risk of flooding due to rising sea levels. It is our duty to do our bit to help safeguard the environment, reducing the effects that humans have on the planet. This means reducing our carbon output in order to stop trapping the sun’s rays. Make no mistake, our city will be inundated with biblical floods if there is inaction.

This presents us with an opportunity. Liverpool should host the FIA Formula E championship. Our city is dynamic and exciting. Every week there is a new development springing up that shows our forward-thinking nature, whilst simultaneously being framed by our fantastic historic past.

Why not showcase it to the world? Why not take responsibility whilst letting the world know about how forward thinking we really are? Let us feel the benefit of the influx of visitors this would give us, whilst setting off in a new dynamic direction. Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson, Liverpool Vision and the Liverpool enterprise partnership, Liverpool City Council, we talk to you directly:

Make this happen. Let the world know who Liverpool is. Let us embrace this gift that has been afforded to us, if we choose to take it.

For this opportunity, I have created an unbelievable street circuit, designed to show off the city whilst maximising the excitement and drama of Formula E. Please watch this and share it with as many people as you can. We need this.

Yours truly,


Chris M. Gibson,

Founder – Future Liverpool.

liverpool track

The initial track was too long…

but this one was the perfect 3.5km, as required by the FIA

but this one was the perfect 3.5km, as required by the FIA



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13th January 2016 by Chris Gibson
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