Future Liverpool Objects to Present Zip Wire Plan.

Future Liverpool along with members of its established community are calling for the rejection of the plan at present to run two zip wires between the Radio City Tower and the city’s Central Library on William Brown Street.

The plan, (Application Number20F/0023), was submitted to Liverpool City Council in December. It seeks to run the attraction permanently.

We and our community feel it is wrong for something of this nature to be associated with our historic Cultural Quarter. It is a place of pride in order and of properness.

Furthermore, we feel that the path itself in going from the Radio City Tower and passing over St. John’s gardens is wholly inappropriate. This is considering that the gardens are a place of contemplation and commemoration for the victims of tragedy and war. There are people that are still in situ that have been lain to rest in these gardens.

The noise that will be generated by patrons utilising this proposed attraction will cause a disturbance by travelling through this projected vector. There will be nuisance when riders enter Central Library too, disturbing the studies of people using the facility for academia or research.

It is therefore that Future Liverpool ask for this proposal to be re-thought. We have no problem with the concept of the zip wires in and of themselves. It is the route and destination that we object to.

It would be possible to choose a new destination that does not cause as much impact. We acknowledge that a zip wire scheme was successfully undertaken on a number of occasions running down Church Street. This was in our opinion appropriate.

Perhaps the new proposal could link to a rooftop of a building on or indeed further from Church Street. Chavasse Park would also suit well and is within clear line of sight. This is a leisure destination.



Chris M. Gibson,

Founder, Future Liverpool.



  • Andi Armitage says:

    Agree with all the points made. This is not the place.

  • Nick Hunt says:

    I agree with all the points raised in this objection. The location for this attraction is completely inappropriate and the project should be reconsidered for an alternative area of the city.

  • I am against the current proposal. Agree with Chevasse park as better point. Please don’t let our city become a place only for the young! Some of us enjoy culture, dignity, calm – but still like fun. Just not this!!

  • Peter Fletcher says:

    How has this crass proposal managed to get this far? The permanent damage to the reputation of Liverpool is incalculable. One of the city’s architectural set pieces,complete with cultural assets and solemn memorial garden,is being deliberately trashed by this absurd fairground attraction. Who will actually benefit from this terrible sacrifice apart from the private operator and some shrieking thrill seekers? Reject this proposal now.

  • GRAHAM AGG says:

    I recently saw an interview with Frank McKenna, a so-called Director of Downtown Liverpool Business and rarely have I seen a less refined & articulately stated reason to have a so-called Zip Wire across a cultural quarter of Liverpool City Centre. There needs to be an immediate Judicial review by the UK Government in to the reasons behind this brain haired scheme & the people behind it.

    The fact that neither the Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson or Metro Mayor of Liverpool Steve Rotherham have also not come out to condemn such a scheme in a World Heritage City like Liverpool raises the question WHY?

    I hereby call for the immediate resignation of the Labour controlled planning committee who actually had the audacity to give the thumbs up for such a obnoxious scheme which crosses also in the vicinity of Liverpool Cenotaph honouring Liverpool’s war dead from the last two World War’s and designed purely to make money at the expense of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage City’s dignity & esteemed reputation.

    I hereby urge all Citizens of this great City of Liverpool & also all people who visit Liverpool to STOP THE ZIP WIRE.

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13th January 2020 by Chris Gibson