Save This 1950s Duke Street Building.

Former LMA home under threat

A 1958 building on Duke Street in Liverpool city centre is facing demolition as a director associated with the Iliad group draws-up plans to replace it with a hotel.

The building, which until recently housed the LMA academy for media owned by Robbie Williams, was designed to compliment an architectural and cultural gem next door. It’s neighbour is Liverpool’s first ever Library and features beautifully cut stonework, a columned portico and arched windows and doors.

The threatened 1958 building shares features of the first library, including matching stone colour, arches above its windows and door. In addition a handsome balustrade frames it’s entrance at street level.

Structurally sound, the building adds and enhances the character of Duke Street and the greater RopeWalks area. The proposed hotel does not, although it would infill a surface-level car park adjacent which has been on-site for many years and needs utilisation.

Future Liverpool proposes that the property developer build on the surface car park and draws in the 1958 Duke Street building as part of its plans, therefore concluding in a compromise that best suits both the integrity of this historic street and future uses to revitalise both economic prosperity and community.

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  • Nick Hunt says:

    So they want to demolish a perfectly sound and beautifully designed structure that’s also one of the best examples of post war reconstruction designed to complement one of Liverpool’s most important historic buildings – and do we really need yet another hotel in the city centre? Absolutely shocking.

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12th March 2021 by Chris Gibson
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