Save The Plough Inn from Demolition.

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A beloved 19th century community asset The Plough Inn will be demolished if plans to build a 40 bedroom hotel are approved.

In spite of over 100 objections approval is recommended for this demolition, but we can gain lots more signatures and make the city council re-asses the situation. We are in control here.

Described in a recent Liverpool Echo article as Rice Lane’s “only pleasant feature”, the loss to Rice Lane and the surrounding area would be detrimental in both function and aesthetic. The pub serves as a popular community venue for family celebrations.

Excerpt from Liverpool Echo article:

Councillors Ann O’Byrne and Richard McLinden have also raised objections to the proposal, while the Victorian Society said it would add to the “permanent erosion of Liverpool’s rich but dwindling nineteenth-century architectural heritage.”

Help Future Liverpool secure the future of this community asset by signing your name in objection to its demolition.

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26th October 2018 by Chris Gibson
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