Tell us your views: Merseyrail strike action.

Merseyrail Staff Strike in Relation to Potential Guard Removal

What do you feel about the strike action taking place on Merseyrail today?

The strike is taking place because new trains being brought into service on the Merseyrail network in 2020 will not use train guards for safety, instead handing over the responsibility to the driver of the train. The driver would view the sides of the train for the safety of passengers via a video camera. This is a similar system to that used on the London Underground.

Those striking feel this is not an adequate measure for ensuring safety. The guards protect passengers from closing doors on the train via manual controls, and stop people from potentially falling between the train and the platform by ensuring passengers are fit to travel. If a passenger is drunk they are more likely to fall down the platform gap. This is also possible if a passenger is leaning on the side of the train.

The new trains will however reduce the gap between the train and the platform via measures such as an automatic retractable step and a closer measuring train body design.

Merseyrail stations do not however have safety measures such as those on the London Underground, including platform edge glass shielding with automatic doors in line with train doors. At present there is only a yellow line on platform edge to notify passengers of the gap danger.

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13th March 2017 by Chris Gibson
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