What the F is Waymo?.

Very soon we will be faced with a stark choice

Something is coming that will shake up the world. You will be asked to decide if you think its positive or negative.

Waymo – what is it?

Waymo is the end result of Google’s autonomous car research. It’s a mobility company with it’s eyes on the driverless taxi industry, and will probably branch out into deliveries and haulage in the future.

When will it be arriving?

As each individual country (or in the case of America  – state) is in charge of legislation regarding the deployment of autonomous vehicles on the roads it will be up to the authorities. Presently London cab company Addison Lee want to deploy driverless taxis by 2021. They have a deal with rival technology company Oxbotica. Uber also wants to introduce cabs without human drivers.

Do Liverpool cab drivers have to be worried?

In short yes. Cab companies are in the business of making money and without a driver they won’t have to pay a cut of their takings to a human. If London introduces autonomous taxis by 2021 then you can be sure Liverpool will do the same.

What can I do to protect human cab drivers jobs?

You can do the same as you would in a supermarket and select them as your choice instead of the self service till. If enough people request a human driver then they will be kept in employment.



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5th December 2018 by Chris Gibson
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