Experience The History of Chinatown.

Liverpool boasts the oldest Chinese community in Europe. See how it started…



  • Lee Ho says:

    There a young Chinese man sitting next to a girl his name is Marlon he was my Dads friend. Does anyone know his whereabouts?

  • Ming Creighton says:

    He now lives in Hong Kong

  • Alison Irwin says:

    Jack Yue was a very clever and respected man and my mothers employer and family friend for many years in the Red Pearl Resataurant in the city centre of Liverpool. If you have any memories of my mother who worked in China Town and the Red Pearl for many years, grew up in Kent Gardens, Mayling Lim (Isabella> daughter of Tee Jew Lim please do share your story. I would also be interested to hear of anyone who knows my family from the 50’s or 60’s including my aunties and uncles – Irene, Catherine, Stephen, Jens, John, Meylam, Michael Lim or my Grandmother who was Scottish born Cathy/Catherine.

    I would be interested to also hear from anyone who can tell me about their experiences in children’s homes or social care during that period in Liverpool, about growing up as a Chinese/English family during this time, or about the seaman’s club life and prositution that was known to this area during the 50’s.

  • Lee Young says:

    I’m mixed race Chinese / British. Born (1949) and grew up in Liverpool. Joined the merchant navy from school and then army in 1972. Moved back to Liverpool in the mid-eighties and lectured and researched social policy at University of Liverpool. Have lived in Spain since 2004 but visit Liverppol frequently and am in contact with mix-raced friends that I grew up with. This is a community that needs researching and its history being recorded.

    • brian omar says:

      Hi Lee Young, what a coincidence my cousin was Lee Yong sadly he died at a young age while a merchant seaman his father my uncle was called Dougie Yong who was also a merchant seaman. I was in the army and now live in Spain. I agree with you the Chinese community should be researched and recorded as the stories I heard from my family are very interesting. 早抖 jóutáu

    • P.H.Chan says:

      Maria Lin Wong wrote the book ‘Chinese Liverpudlians’ in 1989 about the mixed race Chinese. Yvonne Foley has also spoken about it.

  • Vanessa Lee says:

    There is already a book about old Chinatown written by Yvonne Lee ( no relation!) – a good read.

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