Tesla Unveil Cybertruck.


Tesla has unvieled it’s Cybertruck – an electric truck that is made out of super-hard cold-rolled steel, giving unprecidented utility with a super long-lasting product. Whats more, it looks like it comes from science-fiction – Blade Runner being a prime influence.


The Cybertruck is made from 30x cold-rolled steel. But what does that mean?

Well it means it’s so strong that it won’t need to be built on a chassis as traditional cars have been. All of the tension is taken up by what Tesla are calling their exoskeleton. The steel won’t be pressed in dies to make the car body shapes. This is because the material is too tough, and they would wreck dies, (press moulds). Instead sections will be bent into their angular positions. This is where the design comes from.


The design is angular. It brings to mind the Stealth F17 fighter plane. It’s a work of genius actually. Watch this film to explain it’s drag coefficiant.



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18th December 2019 by Chris Gibson
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