Tesla’s Mass Market Electric Car is Here.

Get ready to join the silent revolution

Today Tesla motors unveiled its much anticipated Model 3 electric car, the vehicle which will ignite the fully-electric car industry and make it mass market. Electric cars will have a significant impact on society as we look beyond fossil fuels, in an era which we must strive to protect the environment from the carbon emissions which cause global warming.

Manufacturers have had major electric success in Europe:

  • Nissan is leading the way with it’s Leaf electric car, which has now sold over 200,000 units.
  • BMWi has it’s fully-electric i3 car, which combines stylish urban design and performance.
  • Renault has a fleet of 3 electric cars, with it’s Zoe, Twizzy and Kangoo ZE models.
  • Tesla’s Model S has become the standard for executives with an environmental mindset, and now incorporates semi-autonomous driving.

So what makes Tesla and Model 3 so different?

Tesla has been playing the long game. Step one was to create a high-end high-cost sports car for those individuals who had a large excess of wealth, step two was to create a sedan for executives who would normally consider a BMW, and step 3 is Tesla’s mass-market electric car that will be affordable to most people.

Elon musk said this at the launch:

  • The model 3 has been awarded a 5-star rated safety score.
  • It has Autopilot semi-autonomous driving as standard.
  • It has adaptive charging so it can charge in any country.
  • It can seat 5 comfortably and the front passengers are moved forwards towards the nose of the vehicle because there is no engine at the front.
  • There is a one-piece window that stretches from the middle of the car to the back.
  • It costs $35,000/£24,000 and is the best car you can buy for that price.
  • It will travel 215 miles on one charge.
  • The car launches in late 2017.

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1st April 2016 by Chris Gibson
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