Switching to Green Energy Doesn’t Cost The Earth.

Saving money the green way

When I moved into my new apartment in January I was also given an electricity and gas supplier bundled as part of the initial deal. Great I thought; no hassle on my part, and I ran with it.

Over the next few months I could not believe the rate at which my meters ran down the credit. Sure it was winter, but no way was it right that the bundled supplier Utilita should be charging that amount on such an essential service.

People in the old days would have had to put up with it, but not these days…

Comparison sites

Over to you energy supplier comparison site – U-Switch as a matter of fact. In a matter of minutes I’d input all of the relevant details and was on my way to abandoning the ridiculous prices Utilita were charging and was heading for a warm, cheap and environmentally friendly future.

Hello OVO

When I switched to Ovo I was only really thinking about the prices, but it turned out to be much more worthwhile than that.

Both of my energy supplies – both gas and electricity, would be merged into a single dynamic credit. If I use more electricity then no credit is bound up by the gas supply, and vice-versa.

The other thing about it is that I don’t need to fiddle around with those cumbersome battery operated smart monitors – I can check my balance and an estimate of how long it will last via an awesome smartphone app. I can even set up an auto-renew to top up the balance every few weeks or months – in fact however much I want to pay whenever I want to pay it.

But here is the extra-special part: by default 33% or more of the energy I use will by default come from renewable energy sources. Add an extra £5 a month to upgrade the account to green and I will receive 100% renewable energy! That’s phenomenal.

That’s why Ovo was the U-Switch energy supplier of the year 2015, and I’m pretty glad I went with them – I’m saving a packet and saving the planet.

For more information, visit the Ovo site here: https://www.ovoenergy.com/




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30th June 2016 by Chris Gibson
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