Solar Roof Tiles to Revolutionise Energy.

Tesla Unveils New Innovation

Ugly solar panels will soon be a thing of the past as a showcase of new technology by Tesla was revealed before a live audience.

Taking place on the set of the hit tv show Desperate Housewives, people watching the event were shocked to learn that all of the tiles on the houses on set had been replaced with solar tiles – and whats more they looked better than traditional tiles, were more hard wearing and cost less to install!

Not only this, but you can now store the energy the photovoltaic cells absorb in another innovation – a battery for the home. Its called Powerwall, and it uses the same batteries that power Tesla’s amazing electric cars.

Traditionally if you wanted to tap into renewable energy in this way you would have to fork out a hefty sum for an unsightly panel, but take a look for yourselves the solar roof of the future…



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10th March 2017 by Chris Gibson
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