Meet RailGun Writer Natalie.

Hello, my name’s Natalie. I’m 22 and very much a proud scouser.

I’m a super passionate writer, blogger and love all things to do with Liverpool, shopping, as well as being a tad obsessed with tattoos, music and being as creative as possible. I’m basically your Liverpudlian girl-next-door!

So here’s the thing, everyone loves a good high street shop. Primark, Topshop, H&M… they’re all great. But nothing quite beats them little treasures you find in the independent shops. You know the ones I mean? The vintage hideaways, the tiny gift shops. I spend a lot of my time researching and routing through what’s new in terms of where to shop in Liverpool. Anything unique and affordable is exactly what I go for!

In case you’re struggling for where to find the best shopping gems in Liverpool, let me give you a push in the Scouse direction…


  • Oxfam: Very popular with the students. Always lots of vintage goodies, as well as high-street ‘hand-me-downs’ to choose from. Not after clothes? No worries… there’s an ace selection of books and vinyls to route through. Oh yeah, the Oxfam on Bold Street reopens again soon after a mega refit!
oxfam bold street new

Oxfam, Bold Street


  • Pop Boutique: Definitely a favourite of mine. Having recently purchased most of my summer wardrobe from here, at a super reasonable price! It’s definitely worth a visit. Situated at the top of Bold Street, there’s something to suit everyone. Not only this, there’s always a bargain to bag in there, or a bag if you wish to buy one!

pop bold street

Pop Boutique, also on Bold Street


  • Utility: A fab little shop this one. Again, located on our beloved Bold Street, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift, a funky addition to your pad or a cracking book to read. It’s ideal if you’re after something classic and unique.

The Utility gift shop


  • Larks: The name probably gives away the location there. Larks is a gorgeous little vintage shop on Lark Lane, (with additional furniture shop GASP situated just around the corner on Lucerne Street). This is hands down, one of the best vintage shops in Liverpool. With arts and crafts from local artists, vintage inspired gifts and nick-nacks or even some classic boardgames… there’s nothing you won’t like in this shop!


Gasp, Lucerne Street


  • Grand Central: Some people presume its a place solely for rockers. Not at all my friends. Downstairs, there’s plenty of independent shops including a retro gaming shop and a print t-shirt shop. Definitely worth popping in, if you’re after something a little out of the ordinary. This ones on Renshaw Street.

Grand Central, Renshaw Street


Art for sale at Grand Central


  • Other gems to check out are:

Cow & Co Cafe (Cleveland Square), Dafna’s Cheesecake Factory, (Smithdown Road) and Probe Records (School Lane).


There’s always new and exciting businesses springing up in this city. It’s very exciting stuff indeed!


Natalie x


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14th April 2016 by Natalie Deyes
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